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Lebanon - A Small Country with a Big Heart!

A blend of the present and past, is a land of spectacular Mediterranean coastline, rich in ancient history, with friendly and warm-hearted people.

In our cooking we combine the sophistication
of European cuisines with the exotic
ingredients of the Middle and Far East.
The result is a cuisine that is tasty and exotic. Lebanese food is the epitome of the Mediterranean diet, cuisine that goes under the heading "healthy food", high on vegetables and big on flavor!



Traditional Lebanese meals are a multi-course affair. Hot and cold mezzas served with
pita bread are just a colorful and savory beginning.
Roasted meats are typical main dishes, followed by trays of sweets for dessert.

Lebanese food is a celebration of life; it is healthy, fresh, flavorful, diverse and invigorating.

Much more than just a restaurant
Beirut Mix is an experience!

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